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Molecular Quantum Devices and Quantum Information

Zhecheng Sun was born in Jinan, Shandong Provine, China. He attended School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Southwest University in 2017 for undergraduate education. He joined Key Laboratory of Luminescent and Real-Time Analytical Chemistry and conducted undergraduate research with Dr. Xianda He in 2018. He participated in a Chongqing University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project as the project leader to Study on the Photocatalytic Properties of Prussian Blue Modified BiOCl. After receiving the B.S. degree in 2021, he went to Department of Chemistry at National University of Singapore, where he worked with Prof. Donglin Jiang for the M.Sc. Project of Design and Synthesis of π-Electronic COFs. He designed and synthesized a series of COFs with dibenzo pentalene structure and tested their basic performance. In 2022, he graduated with the M.Sc. degree and then was admitted by School of Science at Westlake University. Henceforth, he began his doctoral career under the guidance of Prof. Lei Sun.

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